My Album Release Diary: Timing Is Everything

I’m trying to work out a schedule regarding the promotion of the single/focus track from the album. The primary methods of promotion for the single will be two videos (and the means of promoting those online) and select radio airplay. The lyric video will be first and then a greenscreen band video, the latter being probably a week or two before release.


I’m trying to sort the logistics out for the first stage of album promotion. But it’s all about getting the timing of each stage right.

I only want to release the lyric video when pre-orders are available to buy.  There is NO point in this day and age letting people listen to/watch a track without having the option to either buy it or pre-order it there and then. With a lot of people you only get one shot for a sale so you have to make sure that if they want it there and then they can get it.

I had only planned to have pre-orders available after mastering was complete, this would give me time to complete the lyric video and start work on the full video. However, as I’ve already mastered the track myself for radio I’ve been told we can start pre-orders anytime and ‘gift’ the self mastered track rather than the professionally mastered one.

The later I leave it, the more time I have to organise and create the videos. The earlier we start pre-sales, the longer the run up period (and more potential sales accumulated for week 1) but the more stressed I’ll be.

Decisions, decisions.