My Album Release Diary: New Tactics

In terms of the promotion and marketing that I conduct for the band for the past few years I’ve been sticking to a few tried and tested methods.  Why?  Well, I know who likes us, who won’t feature us and I have tailored contacts and marketing strategies based on tried and tested earlier successes.  For me. there is no point sending a CD for review or a playout to someone who hasn’t bothered to review us or play us in the past.  I’m going to slightly change tactics regarding the promotion of the single however, discussing as it does a famous musician.  Here’s what will be different.

I'm going to use influencers more when marketing the new corp of music.

I’m going to use influencers more when marketing the new corp of music.


When we first started (and in my earlier projects) I heavily used influencers, those people who can attract the attention of new fans or who themselves could attract the attention of other influencers.  I’d largely forgotten about this technique but will be dusting off my old ‘address book’ of people who might be able to either play us or alter the attention of other people who might cover/feature the song.  I know one breakfast radio producer who I’ll email, I know someone who knows a well regarding ‘scene’ DJ also, I’ll get them to pass on a CD.  I’ll obviously use my own close contacts and perhaps lean on a few distant ones.


I haven’t really used music blogs primarily because they’re not interested in what we do (we are deemed to be beneath them).  However, they might just be interested in this one. Will probably sign up for a short term subscription to and do a little research as to who we can send our stuff to.

I mixed two tracks yesterday and will finish another this afternoon.  Will burn a CD and see how most of the mixes sound in the bus on the way to Saturdays sold out gig!  It’s all go.