My Album Release Diary: Entering Phase Two

So, we’re a week into endeavours and things are moving though there isn’t a great deal to show for it at the moment. Emails have been sent via our own mailing list and the mailing list of our band store to alert people of the pre-order window. Twenty five promo CDs have been sent out to radio which isn’t a lot but they are hopefully well targetted, I’m going to DM some presenters/radio producers on Twitter later today to see if they’d like a promo copy of the album in either a physical or download format. It can’t do any harm, and ‘contacts’ need to be exploited at this moment in time.

The lyric video is finally here…in fact here it is.

We chose this song as the ‘single’ as it’s topic will hopefully aid marketing and help with the publicity, that’s the idea anyway.  Let’s see if it comes off! I’ve decided to include an end card as well, which is really quite easy to do. Lots of relevant tags of words contained in the lyrics. It might take a while for the tags to be searchable though, we shall see.

I’ll announce this three times on Twitter today and then three more times over the week. I’ll keep it exclusively on YouTube for a week and then upload to Facebook in a weeks time for a second bite of the cherry. I’ve had to make a separate render for Facebook which doesn’t have the end card.  I’ll make a link to YouTube video on the band’s Facebook page tonight (when it will have the biggest reach). I’ll also start this week with little Facebook ‘promo clips’ of some of the tracks featuring members of the band dancing to the music.  Dance monkey dance! Hopefully this will create greater awareness of the album within our fanbase. The one thing I’ve found is that people need reminding and reminding and then reminding again to make a purchase. Even your hardcore fans need a lot of pushing. And THEN you have to remind them again.

As a band we don’t normally play support slots but we have one coming up with a heritage act and this might generate a bit of extra publicity for us at a good period of time.

Now I have to start work on the ACTUAL video for the single.  Lots of filming still to do though the final editing should be easier.

I think I’ve hit upon something which I’ll save for tomorrow, it’s a biggie