My Album Release Diary: A Very Good Day

Today has been a very good day. We’ve had not one but two radio plays for the ‘single’: one on a National radio station, BBC Radio 6Music and one on a BBC Local radio station. Result. All good, and all as a result of just sticking a CD in an envelope with a first class stamp on it. Bingo.

Just before the Rolling Stones...

Just before the Rolling Stones…

I also took delivery of the CDs as well today. That’s given me the opportunity to post one to some DJs who have given us radio support in that past. I need to establish a list of other publications/media outlets as to who else is going to get one however I’ve ‘fed’ the people who has been a success in the past which is a priority.

I've now to to try and sell several hundred of these in a short space of time...and quick!

I’ve now to to try and sell several hundred of these in a short space of time…and quick!

I’m getting some hassle from iTunes who want confirmation that we’ve got ‘support’ from a particular DJ.   I can’t give them an answer and I’m not one to hassle people over whether they’re going to play our music, that’s not how I roll.

The lyric video on YouTube is only up to 1400 views in 9 days.  I uploaded the same video to Facebook yesterday and it has received 2,500 views in 24 hours (with a reach of 10,000). Proof once again that Facebook video is king for ‘instant’ views.

My main priority now is finishing the main video for the single. I should have that done and uploaded by Thursday and I’ll endeavour to upload to BOTH YouTube and Facebook simultaneously.  I would normally sspace those out however time is of the essence, I just want to crack on and begin to promote it.

I think for the campaign to be a success I have to judge on whether I have been able to obtain coverage in more outlets than I normally achieve when releasing an album.  I wonder if I’ll be able to do it.