My Album Release Diary: Pay To Play – Spending Money To Promote Your Music

So here’s the latest.  When I logged into Youtube it kindly told be that the lyric video I uploaded last week was the best ‘first week’ performance of any of our videos so that pleased me a little.  I’ve finally finished the final ‘promo’ video for the single to YouTube, in fact here it is.


I didn’t have time yesterday to upload to Facebook and instead had to post a YouTube link and Facebook did NOT like that at all giving me a reach of just over 10%  I’ll natively upload to Facebook tonight.Now then, onto spending some money.  I’d always planned to have a marketing budget for our latest album release and I’m now thinking about how I’m going to do that.  Twitter and Facebook give you some great tools.  Twitter gives you the ability to target to geographic locations but for the UK (where I am) that only narrows down to our country.  You can target followers of specific Twitter accounts and I’ve chosen to promote the YouTube video above to followers of BBC 6Music and Q Magazine as I think they’re ‘target audience’ for this song. Facebook allows you not only place ads based on people’s locations and interests but also to boost traditional posts based these criterea. In addition (and this is the good bit) both Facebook and Twitter allow you to


  • Import a list (such as a mailing list)
  • See if those emails are linked to their social network and then
  • Create a ‘custom audience’ targeting ads/posts/tweets directly to those people.

Here’s how I’ll probably do my spending:

  • Boost the Facebook video so it gets maximum exposure to my fans (and hopefully beyond) on Facebook
  • Boost the YouTube video on Twitter to non fans
  • Advertise/promote the album on day release to mailing list and previous purchasers on Twitter or Facebook (or both depending on cost).
  • Promote/boost a post discussing our regional tour on Facebook to people in that region (as this will generate not only ticket sales but hopefully CD sales at the gig).

One final tip, YouTube now allows you to create ‘cards,’ free ads which link to your ‘merch’ which for most people will be to iTunes releases.

An example of a YouTube card (top right).  They're free.

An example of a YouTube card (top right). They’re free.

It’s free so you should all use it!  Here’s a great link telling you all about it