My Album Release Diary: We Are Released

Well, the album finally came out yesterday, I suppose I should have blogged this then, but I’ve been a little busy :0) One thing I had to do yesterday was change all the YouTube cards and YouTube descriptions which mention an ‘album preorder’ to say the album is ‘out now’. It’s nice to see thealbum at the top of the iTunes comedy charts.

A small 'subsection' of the main chart, but a nice feeling nonetheless.

A small ‘subsection’ of the main chart, but a nice feeling nonetheless.

So what to discuss today? One thing I’ve not really done so far here is dissected the Twitter advertising I undertook to promote the video for the single.

Twitter ad stats

How my Twitter advertising fared.

For a spend of £25 there were 6,300 impressions in peoples timelines with 133 engagements. This is a rate of 2%, it seems promoted tweets have a success average of 1-3% so it performed ‘averagely well’. Perhaps upon reflection the spend was a little high for a campaign without a relevant call to action (and therefore something which could be assessed with a retrun on investment) but I suppose you have to try these things,

One thing I’ve tried playing with is ‘custom audiences’. Facebook and Twitter allow you to create an ‘audience’ (a list of people to target ads to based on  email addresses that you import. Twitter allows you not just to import emails but also phone numbers and Twitter handles. The idea is that I could upload a list of previous purchasers from our online store, and target them directly on social media (you register to these networks with your email address…social networks are evil aren’t they. I uploaded a 1,700 names list to Facebook and they only seemed to process about 1000 of them. Trying to get posts ‘viewed’ by this audience is then comparatively expensive and not worth the outlay to be frank. I’ve tried uploading the list to Twitter to conduct the same process however this doesn’t seem to work at all…I seem to be having browser issues and will have to try another browsser later in the week.

Twitter / browser issues mean my list won't upload!

Twitter / browser issues mean my list won’t upload!

I created an image to advertise the release using all the photos of peoples CDs and merchandise that they have received however reach has been somewhat limited, I think because of the fact that a URL in the post. I’ll attempt similar with “quotes” a little later in the week.

A good idea to use images of purchases as 'social proofing'.

A good idea to use images of purchases as ‘social proofing’.

Not only are we releasing an album but we are on tour as well. I made a little 1 minute tour video (remember videos are good for getting that all important reach on Facebook) and used Fiverr to get an authentic American voice over. I have now paid a modest amount to promote the video on Facebook and targeted it to followers who are based in and around the towns/cities on the tour.

Videos...perform modeslt well, even with a URL.

Videos…perform modeslt well, even with a URL.

This is something I’ll be using a little more I think as geographic targeting of gigs seems to be the way to go.

From the weekend onwards In some respects we move onto the ‘fighting hand to hand’ section of the campaign. We’ll be doing a regional radio appearance on Saturday followed immediately by an record store ‘in store’. A week later we’ll be performing in our local town centre, Whilst all of these are time consuming, fighting ‘on the ground’ is good way to build engagement and sell a few CDs at the same time, if only we didn’t have a full gig at the night!