The Top 10 Music Marketing Mistakes

Sonicbids recently ran through a list of top 10 mistakes that artists make when it comes to marketing their music.  Here is a brief rundown of the biggest marketing mishaps.

Everyone loves a Top 10.

Everyone loves a Top 10.

  1. Having no marketing plan.  You need a short/medium/long term plan if you’re looking to see any sort of progress for your music.
  2. Not knowing who your ideal demographic is.  If you know who your ideal customers are (18-35 year old males who are into rock music and drinking beer, 30-45 year old females who are into acoustic folk and barista coffee) you stand a better chance in being able to find similar fans and marketing to them
  3. Being unoriginal.  Are you just a poor clone of your influences.  Can you stand out from the crowd?
  4. Relying only on social media.  Facebook and Twitter is great but you still need to be able to get the word out via other means too (posters, email marketing, radio etc.).
  5. Lack of video promotion.  Facebook loves video now.  YouTube is the world biggest music library. Video should be one of your key areas.
  6. Spamming.  You should be building relationships online with both fans AND influencers.   Spamming won’t get you anywhere.
  7. No website.  Your website is your ‘land’, it’s homebase and you can organise your world around it.
  8. No mailing list.  You should endeavour to own as much customer data as possible.  You do this by creating your own mailing list.
  9. Not promoting at shows.  Interact with fans before and after the show.  Have a signup sheet for your mailing list.
  10. Not allowing enough marketing lead time.  You need months of marketing time for gigs and releases

How many are YOU guilty of?

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