What Taylor Swift Can Teach You About Marketing Your Music?

Over at Hypebot, marketing co-ordinator James Shotwell has examined the promotional campaign regarding Taylor Swift’s latest single Bad Blood. You should read the article in full but here are some takeaway tips:

  • Shared images from the video leading up to the release which lead to speculation regarding the content/theme/narrative of the video. This sense of mystery got the media excited. We know that teasing creates engagement. Can you you create anticipation for your music/content through a constant ‘tease’ of information?
Teaser images helped create intrigue for the video.

Teaser images helped create intrigue for the video.

  • The video featured a secret guest spot from Kendrick Lamar. Do your singles differ from the album versions? Maybe they should. Your fans continually want something fresh, perhaps singles which are remixed versions of album tracks will provide that.
  • The video showed something we’d never seen before, Taylor Swift as ‘kiss-ass’ action heroine. Are your videos all the same (you performing your music?). Can you do something out of the box for your next music promo?


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