Do You Have Enough Video Content To Help Market Your Music?

When releasing singles, many self releasing artists are short on content, especially in the all important video department.  Let’s have a look at the use of video for Avicii’s latest single Waiting for Love which isn’t released until 10th July 2015.

May 22nd – Animated video Lyric video

28th May – 360 Degree Video

26th June – Official video  

The record company have chosen a long lead time before release and are using lots of video content to build awareness, generate streams and obtain pre-orders.  Are you in a position to do the same for your music?   Here’s what you should be thinking about for each of your commercial releases:

  • Cover art video
  • Lyric video
  • The full video promo
  • Video of live/acoustic performance of the song

You could even ask your fans to see if they can create a unique video for you. If you created an instrumental version of the single, you could reuse the lyric video to create a ‘karaoke’ singalong video.

Takeaway tip: Obviously, video is only one part of your marketing mix but it is an important one and you should make more effort to create and release more videos for each release.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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