Three Reasons Why You Should Be Verified On Spotify

Most musicians have their music streaming on Spotify however many self releasing artists don’t take the steps to become ‘verified’.  As well as having that that all important ‘blue tick’, becoming an official artist on the service allows you to have an extra level of communication and fan engagement which is all important.


Here are three reasons why you should apply to be verified:

  1. Your followers get notifications every time you release music.  This means they never miss out on your new releases. More followers = more streams.

  2. Spotify becomes more ‘social’.  You can share the music that you’ve been listening to, and create shareable playlists.  You can create themed playlists featuring nothing but your music or as Spotify does create playlists to suit people’s moods based around your own musical tastes.  You can also promote these playlists on your other social channels.

    Armin van Buuren has over 120,000 subscribers for his ‘State of Trance’ playlist.

    Armin van Buuren has over 120,000 subscribers for his ‘State of Trance’ playlist.

  3. Verification streamlines your presence on Spotify.  Without it,  your discography (your catalogue of music) and your Spotify profile (your sharing and playlist activity) are separate pages. By become a verified artist, both pages are merged into one which makes it easier for your fans.

For instructions on becoming a verifed artist, read the official Spotify guide here.

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