How DIY Artists Can Get The Most Out Of Streaming

Streaming and playlists are becoming a more important facet of the music industry for artists and fans alike. Artists think more in terms of albums as a listening experience however music fans are opting more for playlists so it’s important you know how to promote your music on streaming services in general and through playlists. Before going any further I suggest you click here to read this recent article from Mark Mulligan to bring you up to speed on how playlists are changing music listening habits.


The public loves streaming, so you need to know the best ways to get your music streamed.

The MMF recently wrote a great article on how to make the most of streaming and playlists on services such as Spotify. Click here to read the article in full however here are the main suggestions from the article

Create Your Playlists For Fun

To have more of a presence on Spotify, create a playlist of 10 or so tracks that you’re listening to right now.  There’s no need to include your own music just what you’re listening to, update it weekly. It’s like your own chart.

Make Sure Your Music Is Available

If your music is being played on the radio or being talked about on blogs etc, is it available on streaming services so people can actually listen to it?  This is one of the perils with release dates, if people are reviewing your music before it is released, people will be searching for it but won’t able to able to listen!

Create Playlists For Promotion

If you’re playing a town or city create a playlist featuring lots of up and coming artists and bands from that location. Chances are that those artists will help promote the playlist with retweets etc.

Get On Other People’s Playlists

Being included on tastemaker playlists will open up your music to new listeners.   Read more about getting on tastemaker playlists in this CD Baby article here.

spotify-playlist (1)

You’ll robably have to use a plugger to try and get included on tastemaker playlists.

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