How Long Should Your Teaser Videos Be?

Teaser videos are great for marketing your music as they’re an engaging, attractive form of content for your social networks.  But just how long should your teaser videos be if you want them to be effective?

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How long should your video teasers be?

Google has done some video advertising research to find out the optimum length for video adverts.  Their research suggests:

  • 30 seconds works best if you’re trying to tell a story.
  • 15 seconds works best for ad recall.

If you want to make people aware of a gig or album release, 15 seconds is a good length to go for. In summary the research says

  • The shorter the ad the more people will be able to remember it.
  • The longer the ad, the more people will think favourably of your ‘brand’.  Ads at over two minutes score well.

Takeaway Tip:

If you’re releasing an album, have lots of 15 second video teasers before launch to raise awareness and then back it up with a mini 2 minute ‘documentary’ after release to cement it in people’s minds.

Read the full research here

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