Paying To Promote Events On Facebook

Every musician wants more fans at their gigs so my last two blogs have been about creating Facebook events and promoting those events within Facebook.

As any musician with Facebook page will know, as well as helping your music career, it also likes to restricts view of the content that you post on there! The long and short of it is that if you’re trying to make making money from something using Facebook (a music sale, a merch sale or selling tickets to an event) it’s is a ‘pay to play’ platform.  You need to spend a little money to make a little money.

Facebook allows you to pay to boost events to increase their potential reach (you can start this process by clicking the ellipsis on the top right of the Facebook event).  Choose Boost Event if it is a ‘Pay On The Door’ or free event and Promote Ticket Sales if a ticket event whereby tickets can be purchased online.


Facebook allows you to pay to boost events so that they reach a wider audience.

I’m going to bring my own personal experience into play here.  If you’re paying money to promote a ticketed event on Facebook, I would choose to promote the event on your newsfeed with a boosted  Facebook post pointing to a ticket URL rather than paying to boost a Facebook event.  I’ve had better results this way.  In summary:

  • Create a post with a striking image pointing directly to the ticket URL.
  • Let the post achieve it’s full organic reach, then boost.  How much should you spend on a boost?  I’d say the minimum of the cost of two tickets as a starting point.

If I’m paying money, I prefer to advertise my gigs using a boosted Facebook post.


Here’s a great 60SMM post showing in great depth exactly how you can do this, it’s definately worth a read.

Read the full Facebook Events Playbook here.

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