How To Promote Your Facebook Event

In our last post, we looked at some pointers from the Facebook Events Playbook on how best to create an event within Facebook to help market your gigs.  Today we’re going to look at how best to promote that newly created event.

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Facebook events are one of the best ways to promote your gigs. Here’s tips to help get the word out there.

Here are some tips from the playbook to get you started:

  • Share the URL of the Facebook event on your Facebook timeline, newsletter etc.
  • Ask the other parties involved in the event (venue, promoter, other bands on the bill) to share the event too.
  • Personally invite people you know to the event.  This is limited to 500 people.  Don’t spam everyone, pick the people who you know who live in that location and who would be interested.
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Personally inviting friends is often a good move if you’re still trying to build a fanbase.

  • If you don’t fancy creating your own event you can import another Facebook event and add it to your own calendar.  My earlier post here shows you how to do this.
  • In return, you can ask the other parties associated with the event to get them to import YOUR FB event into THEIR Facebook calendar.
  • Create a QR code and add it to your event poster.

Facebook will generate a QR code for you to place on your gig posters.

  • Post content to the Facebook event page.  Create a buzz by telling people who are either attending or thinking of attending about the plans you have for the night.  If you’ve finalised the set list, you can post about that here.  Ask people to tag in their friends who would be interested in attending.
  • If you ever play this location/venue in the future you can post to this event again as a way of alerting people about your future gig.  Read my blog post about there here. 

    In our next post we’ll look at the best ways of promoting a Facebook event with paid ads.

    Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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