How To ‘Hack’ Facebook Events

As much as bands decry Facebook and it’s lack of organic reach, it does still provide a great range of  promotional tools of musicians for free.  One such tool is Facebook Events which allows you to list your event/gig details with ticket links and allows fans to invite their friends and show interest in your event.  I discovered this great little Facebook Events ‘hack’ by accident last week so I thought I’d share it with you all here.


Facebook Events is a nifty little tool for bands.

This tip works on the basis that you have recurring gigs at the same venues, towns and cities which I’m sure applies to most of you.

Once you have a new gig scheduled at this venue/town/city you’ll go ahead and create a new Facebook Event.  What you then need to do, is go to the OLD Facebook event associated with this venue/town/city and post a link to the new event on the old event ‘wall’.

What this does is directly notify everyone who was interested or went to the old event in your new event.  This solves the difficulties that most bands experence with poor Facebook reach and directly notifies the most relevant people who will be interested in knowing about your new gig.

It’s a great little tip, try it out!

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