How YouTube Stars Can Help You Market Your Music

Music industry analyst Mark Mulligan recently published a great article on his blog looking at what musicians can learn from successful YouTube stars like PewDiePie.  It’s an enlightening read which you should definitely check out here but here are the main points which I have digested for you.


PewDiePie was 40,000,000 million YouTube subscribers. He must be doing something right!

Mulligan’s main point is that YouTube stars release 2-3 videos every week whereas most music artists release one (music) video every couple of months.

Whilst you’ll probably struggle to make 2-3 music videos a week as part of your marketing you should be creating and posting lots of videos which help tell your story.  By telling your story, we’re talking about videos which help illustrate who you are, what makes you write the music that you do, why your music is important to you, how you make your music and get it out to the world.

So, whether it’s on YouTube or Facebook you should be regularly posting content such as talking head videos, band interviews, behind the scenes footage, random goofy footage etc.  Mulligan asks you to think of these videos as “DVD extras that people actually want to watch”.  You can use nothing more than your phone to record this footage.

You need to create lots of this type of content and release it in a regular ‘schedule’.  You know how you wait patiently for your favourite show like Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead to come on TV each and every week?  You aim is to get people anticipating your content in a similar way.

Takeaway tip: You should see video as a means to add ‘value’ to your music. Make sure you create lots of ‘behinds the scenes’ stuff and release it on a regular basis.

Read The Mark Mulligan Article Here: YouTube And The Attention Economy

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