How Being ‘Timely’ Can Help Get Your Music Heard

Yesterday I began to dissect a video for a ‘topical’ song which I posted on both Facebook and YouTube comparing the effectiveness of the two platforms (Facebook won hands down).

Following on from this post let’s have a look at exactly WHY this video/song was so popular.


Nearly 1 million people reached and 350,000 views.

1)  Both The Song And Video Are ‘Remarkable’

You can argue the relative merits or otherwise of both the song and the video but I would argue that they are ‘remarkable’; upon hearing/seeing the content it causes people to make a remark (make a comment, share the content).  Watch Seth Godin talk about this phenomena here.

This ‘remarkable’ content is the sort of thing Facebook likes and rewards by making it more visible on the platform, helping my post about the video to reach 1 million people in a week.  So, whatever you do create or post (whether it is songs, videos, photos, pictures etc) you need to ask yourself “Is this remarkable?”.  Will it cause people to make a remark?  If not, you might struggle to get the reach or the audience that you so desperately want.

2)  The Content Was ‘Timely’

Timely marketing is the art of creating content based on things that are happening ‘right now’.  Other terms for this include newsjacking and trendjacking which we’ve talked about on the blog before.


News Megaphone Concept

I saw the opportunity there was for a Black Friday song and I went for it. At the time of writing we are three weeks away from Christmas, if you were to write a Christmas song you’d be creating ‘timely content’ too.

So, my advice for you is look at the news and other topic of the day: do you have a song which somehow comments upon these matters?  Can you write one right now?  Can you create some form of content (photo, imagery etc) which draws inspiration from it? If you do, you stand a good chance of being noticed by more people in places you haven’t been able to reach before.

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