Should You Use Trendjacking?

What is trendjacking?  It is the act of capitalising on a current trend in order to boost your visibility. It’s great because it can mean free publicity and show people that you have your ‘finger on the pulse’.


To get an idea what is trending you can view platform specific trends on Twitter or Facebook or you can just see what people are talking about online or in the real world (see boxes below).





It works best if you can subtly ‘dovetail’ your brand into a trend rather than awkwardly ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ which often looks tacky and a bit desperate.

I’ll post here my band’s most retweeted tweet ever.  It cheekily combined THREE news stories which were happening at the time in the UK :

  • Petrol shortages.
  • The increased cost of postage stamps.
  • The proposed tax rises on certain hot food items.

What did I tweet?



So, ask yourself: How can your band connect with what is popular?  

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