How Facebook Deals With Trending Topics

We saw yesterday how trendjacking allows us to tap into popular culture and ride the popularity wave of popular culture and important topics of the day.  Today, we’ll find out how the Facebook algorithm handles trending topics.


When you post about a topic which is currently trending, it is more likely to be promoted to the top of your fan’s news feeds so they can see it sooner.  This leads to an average of a 6% increase in engagement, so it pays to be timely, it’s no good talking about a football game three days after it has happened for example..

In addition, the time when people choose to ‘like’ comment or share your post is also important.  If your fans engage just after it was posted, Facebook assumes it must be of great interest and the post will be likely to appear higher on News Feeds than if comments and engagement comes at a later time.  With this in mind for the possibility of the biggest audience you need to be posting when the majority of your fans are online .   We’ll have a look tomorrow as to how analytics can help you here.

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