The Dummies Guide To Social Media Analytics

Most people either don’t get what analytics are or don’t appreciate their importance.  Why do you even need to be concerned with them?  Well analytics data allows you to monitor the performance of your content.   This allows you to see what works with your audience and what doesn’t.  It can even tell you the best time to give it to them.


Very simply…you know that stuff you did that everybody liked and was really popular?  Well, your fans liked it, they shared it lots, so what you need to do is CREATE MORE OF THIS KIND OF STUFF! The more stuff they like and share, the more people will get to know about you.   It really is that simple.

Analytics differ from platform to platform but in general they will help you establish:

  • What types of posts work best (text, photos, videos?)
  • What topics/themes really connect with your audience?
  • When are most of audience online? (so your posts can achieve the biggest potential reach)

We’ll look at some individual platform analyitics over the next couple of days

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