Musicians: Here’s A Great Example of Trendjacking

Trendjacking is the act of capitalising on a current trend in order to boost your or your music’s visibility.  Stranger Things is the Netflix show which EVERYONE seems to be talking about right now and musician Artificial Fear has recorded his own ‘metal’ version of the show’s much lauded theme.

He’s also done a metal cover of a track from the new No Man’s Sky game.  The idea is that this new audience will also check out his other, ‘original’ songs as well as these covers.   These are great examples of trendjacking, ways of capitalising on trends in popular culture allowing your name and musical talents to be put in front of a new audience.

Think of how you can use trendjacking to your advantage to introduce your music to a new audience. Always be on the lookout for opportunities and ways to ‘jump on the bandwagon’ and bring your music and skills to new people.

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