MUSICIANS: Celebrate Your Differences Through Your Marketing

There are a LOT of DIY bands, musicians and artists out there fighting for people’s attention.  It’s a very crowded market place but one way you can stand out from the crowd is by accentuating your differences.


Have a think.  What makes you unique and different from all those other musicians and artists out there?  What do you do that no one else does?  What part of your musical DNA, your story, your attitude, your stage performances, your songwriting, your music is unique to you?

Those differences need to be celebrated, accentuated and become a star feature in your marketing. Broadcast and amplify them through social media and all the other marketing you do.  Talk about and show your audience what makes your different to help separate you from the vast competition there is to put yourself in a ‘league of your own’.


Takeaway Tip

One of your jobs of your marketing is to show people how you are unique and different from everybody else.  These differences help set yourself apart from the competition. It’s all part of your branding.

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