Why Bands Should Create a ‘Twitter Army’

Twitter is a great medium for engaging and interacting with your fans and today I’m asking you to take the next step and create a list of engaged Twitter followers, a ‘Twitter Army’ if you will.


Today, I’m asking you to create a ‘Twitter Army’ who will execute command on your behalf.

Use a Word or Google doc to create a list of Twitter handles for all the fans who interact and chat regularly with you.  By creating this list, you are creating a mini ‘database’ of hardcore followers who will go that extra mile to help with your marketing.

Make sure you are following these fans on Twitter and using a DM, ask each fan personally for help with a marketing task. So, when you release a video, DM and ask them to retweet it.  If you’re playing a show near them, DM and ask them to tweet about it.  If you Tweet an e-flyer about a tour or a music release….well, you get the idea by now.


By asking personally, you’ll motivate these fans into action helping to get your message out there which will be more successful than asking a casual fan for a RT.  Say thank you every time they help and the personal 1-2-1 communication these fans get from you should be more than enough payment for their time.

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