Want To Get A Response From Your Fans? Get On Your ‘Soapbox’

If you feel like you aren’t getting much response or engagement from your fans on social media, why not try a different tact and ‘get something off your chest’.  Here’s a good example via tweet made by a brewery.

The brewery have given the reader quite a few contentious points about their industry. In doing so they have stimulated and created a conversation with their audience.  People have agreed or disagreed with the points resulting in lots of RTs, likes and Tweets which carry on the conversation.  It’s an example of great marketing, getting people talking about you, with you and responding to what you do.


Getting on your soapbox is a great way to get a response from people!
Takeaway Tip

If you want your fans to get talking, find a topic or two that you have a strong viewpoint on, rant away and see what happens!

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