How Musicians Can Win At Live Video

It doesn’t matter if you’re using Periscope or Facebook Live (or both) the popularity and effectiveness of live video means it should be a key part of your music marketing strategy. The New Rockstar Philosophy blog has conducted some market research and created tips on how musicians you can win at live streaming.  Here are the main takeaway tips of the article:

Music Is Key

Yes you can do backstage and ‘off the wall’ videos but fans mostly want to see you perform your original music (not covers).


Be Yourself

Let your personality shine through in your live videos, be personable and authentic.


Strike The Balance Between Structured & Unstructured

Don’t wing it, have a plan as to what you’ll say and play.  Viewers comments will allow you to be a little more spontaneous.  Reply to comments as they come in but beware of too much audience interaction, just as many people will want you to get on with it and play some music!


Have A Call To Action

Whether it’s to drive gig ticket sales pre-orders of a new release for every video, try and have a call to action.  Think of live videos as the new ‘in store’ performance.  Musicians still play in record stores so they can attract a crowd and try and sell that crowd their latest music release.  Think of a live broadcasts as a similar opportunity.  You can attract a crowd and at the end of it try and make a sale.


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