Keeping Your Fans ‘Warm’ On Social Media

One of the biggest mistakes that DIY artists make is becoming ‘invisible’ when they have nothing important on the horizon. Their marketing builds to ‘key events’ in the band calendar.  When those music releases and gigs are over, the artist downs tools, puts their feet up and stops posting on their socials because “there’s nothing to talk about”. WRONG!


Your job is to keep the fans ‘warm’ and interested in your music throughout the year.

This approach is the worst thing you can possibly do. As a musician you need to be engaging and interacting with your fans throughout the year, not just when you want them to spend some money.

We live in a media saturated world, people have a short attention span and they can be easily lured away by other things. Your job is to continually keep them ‘warm’ during those quiet periods, engaging them with content that will keep them ‘warm’, ready for your new music and future gigs.  Here are some content ideas that don’t involve you releasing or recording new music:

  • Create a new music video for an old song.
  • Video an acoustic performance.
  • Blog post about how an old song was written.
  • Blog or video post about a ‘classic gig’ and why it was so special.
  • Record a cover version.

In some respects it’s exactly this type content which truly engages an audience and helps turn fans into the superfans that will pay for your new stuff once it is released.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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