Tips To Make Your Social Media More Effective

Social media is one of the primary ways that bands, musicians and artists get the word out about their music and events so any way you improve your social media effectiveness is going to be worth a look.  Jhoni Jackson over at Sonicbids has written an article about getting the most out of social media.  You should read the article in full, however here are the main points.  I’ve added some of my own tips as well.

Schedule Your Content In Advance

Don’t just sit there at your keyboard wondering what to post, plan your content in advance and schedule it for the time when most of your fans are online.  Use a service like Buffer or Timely or Facebook’s inbuilt facility.

Clock and Calendar

Don’t rush your posts, schedule them in advance.

Share The Responsibility of Posting

If you’re getting stuck about what to post or are struggling to find the time, get another bandmate (or trusted friend who understands your music and your fans) to share the tasks of posting and creating content.


Share the responsibility of creating and posting content with another band member or trusted person.

Use An App To Spread The Word About Your Gigs

An app like Bandsintown will show your gigs on a Facebook tab and elsewhere across the web.  (60SMM note – also create an event on Facebook for your gigs for maximum visibility on that platform).


Bandsintown is a great way of getting thw word out about your gigs.

Get Fans To Engage

To create superfans and get better visibility on your Facebook posts you need your fans to holler back.  Ask your fans questions: What is your favorite live track?  Who is coming to the next show?  Where should we play next?  Also get fans talking about the things that mean lots to you and to them. Ask them to post photos and videos from your shows.


One of your primary goals is to get engagement and a response from your audience.

Keep Your Profiles Fresh

Change your banner photo every now and again.  Is the ‘info’ text in your profile advertising a tour or a single release from six months ago?  Keep it relevant and make sure it’s all up to date.


Keep your Twitter & FB banners fresh. Create a photoshop or Canva template to update them easily.

Check Out New Features

Facebook now offers live video, temporary profile pictures and other features.  Check them out and see if you get a response from your fans.  If you do, keep using them!


Read the article in full here

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