The Best Way To Create A Facebook Event For Your Gig

Facebook is one of the most effective tools that bands and musicians have for marketing their events due to its large user base and ability to target users.  Half a billion people use Facebook events each month, which is a lot of people. Facebook knows this and has created a Facebook Event Playbook, a tip sheet to help you get the biggest audience for event event you create.

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Facebook events are one of the best ways to promote your gigs.

You can download the Playbook here as a PDF (and I suggest you do) but here are some takeaway tips from the first section of the playbook which deals with best practice when creating an event.

Creating An Event

Photo: Use a visually striking photo or image to get people’s attention..

Name: Give the event a good name.  The format I use is
An example of this would be “The Dead Kools Hit Manchester 2016”.

Location:  Tag the Facebook page of the venue in here.event-tagger

Tagging the Facebook page of the venue is essential when creating your event.
Date & Time: Simple one this!

Cohosts:  You could put the promoter or the venue here, if you did they’d be able to edit the event.

Ticket: Put the ticket URL here.

Description: Put a detailed description of the night/event here.  Also, give people a reason WHY they should go.  Is it going to be the only time you are visiting that town this year?  Are you unveiling new material? Give people an incentive to go.

Tags: Facebook now gives you the ability to put meta tags to help describe the event to help event discovery.

We’ll continue our examination of Facebook events in our next post.

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