How To Market Your Music To Millenials

Millennials (or young people as they are often referred!) have a voracious appetite for music however the way you market your music to them will be different to those over the age of 35.  If you have a lot of your fans of your music you’ll need to be aware of their behaviours in order to best market your music to them.


Marketing your music to millenials will involve a number of different strategies.

Here are some handy tips courtesy of Hypebot (taken from some research conducted by MTV) which will help you along the way.

They Need To Be Close To You

On the social networks there should be no barriers and you should offer unique and intimate moments via social channels to bring them closer to you.


Use your social networks to create a level of intimacy.

You Are “Friends”

Fans have an expectation for direct interaction.  Share stories about yourself and your life to get them closer.  Don’t worry about revealing your flaws, they know you’re a real person. Respond to all their communications.


Obligatory Friends picture.

Keep Them Updated

You need daily communications via your social channels and each platform has it’s own use.  For example Facebook is the formal “official announcement” platform, Twitter is the ‘blow by blow’ constantly updated feed.

Updated stamp

Keep your fans constantly updated about what you are up to.


Allow fans to create their own videos, covers, tributes to your work.  Give them feedback on their work and share it.


Let your fans remix and ‘play around’ with your work.

They Will Buy As “Symbolic Patronage”

Millenials WILL buy your stuff as a means of saying thank you for being there and as a means of support.  So, lay the groundwork first by giving lots of stuff away (including your time) and engage with them to create millennial superfans.


Millenials will buy your stuff, not becasue they can’t get it elsewhere but as a means of saying thank you!

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