Concentrate Your Marketing On Your Superfans

I was reading a post from the excellent mark Mulligan blog (you really should sign up to this) and came across this little nugget.

An Amazon Prime executive recently said that when commissioning shows he didn’t want hits that 80% of his audience quite liked, he wanted shows that 30% of his audience loved.


This confirms what we’ve said previously that you should  be concentrating your sales efforts to your hardcore ‘superfans’ trying to find ways to get them to spend more.

Superfans are the fans that you want!

Superfans are the fans that you want!

Who are your superfans? Your superfans are:

  • the ones who are always interacting with you on your socials
  • the ones have signed up to your mailing list
  • the ones that you see several times on your tour
  • the ones who listen to your podcast.

Work on marketing more stuff such as bigger bundles rather than vanilla releases to those super engaged fans.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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