How To Analyse Your Performance On Social Media

You probably do a lot of posts on lots of social media platforms and maybe get a little lost from time to time as to the type of things you should be posting.  In summary, you should be posting more of the stuff that your fans really like and really engage with.  Why?  Well,  the more your fans engage with your content the more likely they are to become superfans and part with their hard earned money.

A lot of the time bands simply don’t sit down and methodically analyse their social media effectivenesss to see what content works and what doesn’t.  This post by Merlin Ward at Social Media Examiner shows you how to monitor your performance using Excel (though Sheets in Google Docs will work just fine).


The article might be written from a business perspective but you ARE a business and you should start thinking (and acting) like one.


Takeaway tip: Analyse your posts, see what works, THEN DO MORE OF THAT STUFF!

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