How To Sell Your Band Merch On Spotify

We all know that Spotify and other streaming services offer meagre royalties however did you know that you can sell merchandise and other experiences (i.e. VIP passes) on Spotify?  Neither did I until last week.  I know this is a marketing blog however this is such an important feature provided by Bandpage that more musicians need to know about it.

First, you’ll need a Bandpage account.   From there signup for their Spotify Merch service.


You create an offer (t-shirt, a Skype guitar lesson), the Bandpage system approves it and it appears on Spotify in a couple of days.  To sell merch etc. you’ll need to already have an online merchant system up and running of course but for offers without any physical product (i.e. a house concert) you’re good to go from the off.

I tested the system with one of my band’s existing merch bundles.  You can see it listed on my bands Spotify page in  the top right hand corner below under OFFERS.


Clicking on the offer brings up a new window,


Clicking on the green ‘BUY’ button takes you to our existing online store.

What are you waiting for?  Sign up now!

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