How Can Craft Beer Help You Market Your Music?

There was a great article written by Mark Mulligan a while back which looked at comparisons between music and craft beer. You should read the article in full but here is the main point of the piece.

mark mulligan

Music industry analyst Mark Mulligan.

Craft beer in a relatively expensive product however it is consumed with gusto by aficionados who shun cheaper but blander mainstream alternatives. These evangelists are willing to pay that little bit extra to support small independent producers who make small amounts of product with a passion. All this should be ringing bells and reminding yourself of you and your music! You’re not that dissimilar to a craft brewer and you probably never knew it.

Your music is the equivalent of this tasty lineup.

Your music is the equivalent of this tasty lineup.

So what does all this actually mean? Well, it reinforces the fact that there is a small but dedicated market of music fans out there who are willing to pay ‘craftspeople’ like you for what you do. You need to make good music, market yourself so these people can find you, then build relationships with them so they have the imputus to buy your products. Your product doesn’t sell in large quantities and might end up being a little more expensive than mainstream alternatives but these aficionados (or superfans as we always call them) are willing to pay that little bit more because you have built up a strong relationship with them.


And for that we say CHEERS!

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