What Is Freebooting And Should You Use It To Market Your Facebook Page?

I saw a very funny video last week that had been uploaded to a band’s Facebook page.  It currently has had 5.2 million views on which is great for the band in question.  It gains them lots of exposure as their name and their Facebook page has been seeded to 5 million Facebook users!  It’s also great for Facebook as they get to run lots of ads beside the video earning them money.

There is only one problem, the video had been robbed from YouTube and the idents at the start/end of the video identifying the creators had been removed. Naughty, naughty.  This act is called ‘Freebooting’.


Watch this video for a fuller explanation

So Freebooting is morally wrong as it infringes on others copyrights, but are there any circumstances when Freebooting might be acceptable and could be used by yourself for marketing purposes?

Well, perhaps if the original uploader themselves breached copyright by uploading the original clip? (i.e. by digitising some TV footage and uploading). Do two wrongs make a right?

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