Why Your Facebook Video Views Might Not Be All They Seem

If you’re impressed with the numbers that your Facebook videos are getting I might have some bad news for you. There’s an interesting article over at medium.com which as well as discussing Freebooting (which we’ve talked about before) also throws up a few interesting findings regarding Facebook’s video stats.

Facebook counts a ‘view’ when a user has been watching for just 3 seconds (even if they haven’t turned on the sound).  Think about how YOU use Facebook.  You’re scrolling through your newsfeed,  a video might start and even if you’re not watching it, if it is on your screen for 3 seconds, BANG you’re counted as a viewer.


Based on an experiment only 21% of people were still watching a video on Facebook compared to 86% watching the same video after 30 seconds on YouTube!

Other than Facebook being *really* sneaky/generous in the way it counts it’s stats, what does that means for us musicians uploading video to Facebook?  Well, for one let’s not get too excited over these ‘hyped’ viewing figures.  It  seems best to regard Facebook as a ‘snacking’ video site and the research seems to imply Facebook is NOT the best platform for long videos, that is still YouTube.

Takeaway Tip: Keep your Facebook videos short (under 30 seconds) for the best retention. For music video uploads on Facebook, perhaps upload just the choruses of songs and direct people to YouTube for the full length video.

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