How To Create An Animated GIF To Advertise Your Gigs

Twitter now allows animated GIFs and people are starting to catch on to their effectiveness.  I’m going to show you how you can create an eyecatching GIF you can use when Tweeting about your gigs.   You’ll need something to create your ‘frames’ of animation, I’m using Photoshop but you can of course use Canva.

Start by creating the individual frames for your animated GIF.  I’m using an image size of 750 x 375 for each frame and making sure my text steers away from the ‘margins’ of the frame.

Here are the three frames I am going to use, exported as jpgs from Photoshop.

animated-tour-gifa animated-tour-gif2a animated-tour-gif3a

Don’t use too many individual frames as you want your full ‘message’ to be seen before someone scrolls away from it on Twitter.  Don’t include too much information on the frames either and remember that GIFs have a maximum of 252 colours so there will be some reduction of the colour palette in the finished product.

With the individual frames saved to your computer, go to, upload your images and then arrange them in the right order.  


I’d suggest an animation speed of 1000 milliseconds between each slide.  Keep the repeat time set to the default setting of 0 seconds (which means it will loop forever).


Click the ‘CREATE GIF ANIMATION BUTTON’ then click on the ‘Download this GIF’ link, wait for the website to do it’s magic then find the newly created GIF in your download folder.

My animation came out at a respectable 279k in size.  Upload to Twitter, tag in the venue and include a link to your ticket sales. Here is the finished result.


Remember, you don’t have to use this just for gigs, you can use it to promote a music release or just for fun.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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