Using Groups To Promote Your Music In Soundcloud

If you’re new to Soundcloud it’s easy to forget that as well as a music hosting service it can be used as a tool for your music to be discovered. You should make sure your music is appropriate tagged but one of the best ways to get discovered is by assigning your music to specific groups. These groups are created by users to classify and categorise music .  If your music is assigned to groups followers of that group will be able to discover your music.  Here’s how you do it.

To search for relevant groups for your own music on Soundcloud:

1) Enter the search term in the search bar at the top of the Soundcloud page.

2) Click Groups to filter the results.


3)  Join each group which you think your music might be applicable,


4) At your main Soundcloud page, take one of your tracks and select ‘Add to Group’.


5) A window will pop up and show you all the groups you have joined, click whichever group this track is applicable to and it will be added to that group.


You can of course create your own groups rather than relying on existing ones.

If you have a free SoundCloud account, you can share a track to a single group, but Pro and Pro Unlimited Soundcloud subscribers can share a song with up to 75 groups in twenty four hours. The next day, you can repeat the process and submit it to more. Give it a try.

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