How To Approach A Promoter For A Slot

When I’m not blogging or being in a band myself, I work for an event promotion company so I know first hand the mistake bands make when approaching a promoter for a gig or support slot.


We don’t need your life history.  Promoters are busy people so my advice would be to keep it brief when approaching them, have a short sharp opening gambit then provide the following bullet points

  • Band name
  • Genre
  • Influences (which bands do you sound like)
  • Area: Where is your ‘homebase’?
  • Contact tel no
  • Email: (if messaging on Facebook etc.)
  • Facebook/Twitter URLs (they’ll want to check out the size of your social following)
  • Website URL
  • Listening link: Your Soundcloud URL or similar. Give just one track, that’s all they’ll need in the first instance
  • YouTube channel URL.  You do have live footage on YouTube don’t you?
  • Abbreviated press quotes.

More established bands might want to state how many fans they are able to attract to both home and out of town gigs.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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