Do You Have A ‘Plot’ For Your Music Marketing?

If you are undertaking your own music marketing you’ll be creating your own press releases and sending them to radio stations/music blogs etc to accompany your releases.  Within your marketing materials you need to make sure you have a convincing ‘plot’.  

For best success, you to narrate a story to the press and media about your music.

For best success, you need to narrate a ‘story’ to the press and media about your music.

A ‘plot’ is an outline of all the other activities which are taking place around the time of a music release.   Most media outlets want to be seen to be backing winners and need additional ‘persuasion’ to feature music . They will look at your ‘plot’ to see what else you have in the pipeline and will assess the coverage they allocate to you accordingly.  

You should therefore make sure your plot is packed with a concise list of your gigs, forthcoming recording studio sessions, promo activities already confirmed (i.e. if you have a radio interview or session already on the cards) and anything else that is related to your music at this moment in time.  Sadly, if you are just releasing a single and have nothing else arranged in terms of promo or have nothing which makes you look like a busy artist on the way up, you may struggle to get the coverage your music deserves.

Takeaway Tip: Make sure your press releases contain a precise ‘plot’ of everything what is going on in your musical life.

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