BANDS: Make Less Music, Do More Marketing

Here’s something that I spotted on Twitter last week from a newish band

In summary, this band hasn’t finished recording or even released their first album but they’ve already written their second album.  I’m guessing that this band won’t have a marketing strategy to sell their music, and as a result, with the first album is released it’ll be a case of ‘that’s that one done, onto the next’.  Too much music and not enough marketing.   

In order to generate interest in your music you need to be sue you are exhausting all marketing possibilities before moving onto releasing your new work.  If you wanted to go to an extreme for a 10 track album you could have 10 individual mini-marketing campaigns showcasing and promoting each track on the album.  U2’s commsioned videos for each of their albums as an example of this strategy.

Market more of your music and you might have to make less of it!     

Takeaway Tip: Maximise your marketing from your existing music.   Make sure you utilise your current catalogue effectively before releasing and marketing your new material.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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