Filming a Music Video? Just Use Your Smartphone!

The film Tangerine is currently doing the rounds in cinemas and film festivals and is notable because it was filmed using just an iPhone 5.  


This proves that the barriers to filming have truly come down and as long as you have a visual flair as well as a musical one, there is nothing stopping you making your own music promos using just your smartphone.  

Worried about the picture quality?  More than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices, they’ll not be able to spot the difference between footage shot on your phone and a £1000 DSLR!

No matter how much you spend, you need to make sure your video engages and connects.  It should ideally have the wow/WTF factor or resonate with the viewer so that it will hit SHARE at the end.  That is your ultimate goal.

Music Videos Shot Using iPhones

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