Want More Media Coverage? Get Researching Your Competition

As musicians, we could all do with more exposure in the press, on blogs, in magazines, radio stations…everywhere.  But getting coverage, exposure and airplay can be difficult.  Many DIY artists and bands don’t do the right sort of research and end up sending their press releases and other materials outlets who aren’t interested in.  Consequently, they get deflated and receive very little coverage.

Researching your competition should tell you which outlets will be interested in your material.

By researching your competition you can identify which media outlets will be interested in your own material.

Perhaps the best way to increase your effectiveness is to identify several bands in the same genre as yourself who are slightly higher up the career ladder.  Now do some research on their website, social media channels etc.  Identify which blogs, radio stations, fanzines, media outlets, YouTube channels are giving them coverage.  Then  target those outlets with YOUR material and you’re more likely to get the coverage you need.

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