The Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting Any Publicity

One of the secrets to getting new fans and getting a bigger audience is securing publicity from other media channels.  If you’re trying to get publicity and failing then the following words of advice from Lauren Gill on the Sonicbids blog should be heeded.  

If you're trying to get publicity for your music and failing, read these tips.

If you’re trying to get publicity for your music and failing, read these tips.

You should read the article in full but here is my take on the reasons why you might be failing to get the coverage you need:

  1. You don’t have a story.  You have to craft a narrative around your music.  Where you have come from and what makes you so interesting?  There are thousands of people just like you in the same boat, your story as well as your music will help you stand out.

  2. You made a bad pitch. Your story needs to be newsworthy and relevant to the outlet’s audience.  Your story need to satisfy the informational needs of the intended audience not just be a pure sales promo for your music.

  3. There is no buzz about you.  You should have some form of activity around you: on social media, other press activity etc.  A bit of a catch 22, but the press like to cover what the press is already covering.

  4. Your music doesn’t fit with the publication’s audience.  Make sure you research properly.

  5. Your news story is old.  The press want new stuff, marketing your old songs won’t work.

  6. You have old press photos. Use good quality, fresh photos for each campaign.

  7. You have no upcoming shows. There could be very little to talk about you.

  8. You haven’t developed relationships.  Follow them on social media and interact with them for a while first before submitting.  Hiring a press or PR film can also help here.

    Read the article in full here.

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