Start Filming Your Gigs For Better Fan Engagement

We’ve talked many times before in thie blog about the importance of video in engaging your fans and using it to build a better relationship.  I went to a couple of big concerts this year (Queen & U2) and they’re already on the bandwagon streaming footage live or filming portions of their shows for later uploading.

Brian May sums up the point of doing this at the start of the above clip.  He state that people will ‘lay claim’ to the footage.  People who were at the gig will show the footage to other people (thus spreading the word) and will rewatch the footage at a later time which helps build a deeper connection with the artist after the event.

If you have a good enough connection (or the venue has wi-fi) you can live  stream portions of your gig with your phone using Periscope, Meerkat or check out if you have access to live streaming in the Facebook app.

If there isn’t a good enough connection, use your phone to record portions of your performance.  Tell the audience that the gig is being filmed and tell them to look out for the footage online.

As we’ve mentioned before, a smartphone should be all you need though you’ll probably benefit from some kind of tripod.


Phone tripods are inexpensive and useful for any kind of recording for musicians.

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