How To Sell More CDs

CDs are an important source of revenue for the music business (in the UK, 90% of Adele’s  25 album are CD purchases!) and CD sales are still incredibly important for the DIY artist.


CD sales are an important source of revenue for the DIY artist.

The BPI recently conducted a survey about music consumption and formats.  As part of this survey, they asked streaming consumers (paid and freemium) what would make them buy more CDs and here are the responses:

  • Exclusive tracks on the CD.
  • Limited edition CD.
  • Cover signed by the artists.
  • Priority booking for gig tickets.
  • Digital download code.
  • Discounted merch (print a code on the inside sleeve of the CD?).
  • Exclusive online content (videos etc).
  • Membership of an online fan community.

When you come to releasing your next album, make sure you incorporate as many as possible to maximise your sales potential.

Summary of full report findings at the BPI website here

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