Why You Should Pitch Your Music to Smaller Blogs

They say that big is beautiful and when we’re trying to get our music featured in music blogs, the temptation is to try and get coverage from the biggest blogs possible.  Adam Bernard has written a great article over at Hypebot which suggests that pitching our music to smaller blogs might be more beneficial for the following reasons:

1) A smaller blog will closely match your target audience. Niche blogs will have a more defined audience which may better fit your intended audience.

2) Your coverage will be better promoted.  Larger blogs can publish dozens and dozens of posts per day.  Smaller blogs produce less content but might spend more time promoting each post.


Finding smaller blogs might be better exposure for your music.

3) Smaller blogs will continue to ‘follow you’.  Smaller blogs tend to have a greater longevity with the artists they review, following their careers and music for a longer period.

4) Your relationships with bloggers can continue.  If you ‘get in’ with a blogger at the ‘ground floor’ of their career they’ll hopefully continue to cover you as they ‘rise through the ranks’.

5) Bloggers also write for other publications.  Smaller bloggers tend to write for a variety of outlets which could increase your overall exposure.

6) You’ll have a bigger Google ‘footprint’. You’ll have more listings and results listed in Google giving you the appearance of a ‘buzz’.

7) You’ll get good quotes for your press releases.  The more of these, the merrier.

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