The Most Important Question Musicians Need To Ask Themselves When Marketing Their Music

Here’s a couple of scenarios for you..  You’re just about to release a new song into the world.  You’re about to play a gig of great significance.  In either case, in order to gain maximum coverage you’re writing a press release to send to the media and you want maximum coverage.  You want the whole world to know.  Well, I’m going to ask you a sobering quite pertinent question before you do

Why should anybody care?


The big question for  musicians: Why should any media outlet be bothered about your work.

Before you think about releasing any music or planning marketing and publicity, have that one question in your mind.  You have to market your music and events in such a way that people WILL care and ou’ll often need to ‘sell’ your music to the media before you can sell it to the public.

Why?  Well, the media is largely apathetic to most things.  It’s a sloth like beast, jaded and bored. It lazily covers the same old things.  In order to truly make an impact when marketing your music you have to make the media sit up listen.  You can do that in the first instance by creating fantastic music that stops them in their tracks.  What you then need to do is market it in a way that makes it unique; market it in a way that highlights the individuality that lies within in you and your music.  Market yourself in such a way that you highlights your uniqueness and the individual qualities of your ‘brand’.   You need to highlight the way that your events are unique.  Create excellent music, create videos which people will want to share.  Perform gigs that are more than gigs they are experiences that people will want to talk about with their friends and want to experience again.

So that question again before you do anything else

Why should anybody care?

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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