Create A Video Trailer As Promo For Your Next Album

Video is one of the most effective and engaging ways of marketing your music.  Most people get excited about trailers for forthcoming films so as part of your next album marketing campaign you should think about creating a video trailer for your album.

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Trailers create anticipation of what’s to come, so you should think about doing them for your albums.

Chris Robley at the DIY Musician had created a great article about how to do that.  You should read the article in full, however here are the main points and I’ve included a few tips of my own too:

  • Keep the trailer under 30 seconds (so you can use it on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube).
  • Once uploaded, make the video the channel trailer on YouTube and your featured video on Facebook.
  • Pay to Boost the video on Facebook after a couple of days once its natural organic audience has been reached to increase the overall views.
  • Make sure the following info is contained somewhere within the trailer: Artist name, album name, album cover, date of release, URL to order/pre order/purchase, audio from two or more tracks.


  • Make sure all text is legible on phone screens (that’s where most social video is viewed).
  • Include video from the first single from the album (and more promo videos if you already have them.
  • If you don’t have video footage photos from your album photo shoot or photos taken during the album recording sessions also work well
  • Edit to create a 15 second version for Instagram.
  • If you need a voiceover, get one from Fiverr.
  • Make sure you include the video in your next newsletter.

You can even create trailers to advertise your tours.  Here’s a a couple of videos I created last year as examples.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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