Join Forces With Other Acts And Create A Marketing ‘Alliance’

Too many artists and bands view other independent musicians as rivals.  Today, as I’m asking you think of them not as competition but as potential marketing allies.


Work with other artists and create an ‘alliance’.

Here’s the idea.  Find several similar artists/bands/musicians whose music you like and between yourselves form a ‘marketing alliance’.  The idea is that you create a network or musical “fellowship” which promotes and shares each other’s music, music videos and helps promote all the members gigs and events.

That’s right, you should get together with some other musical people and help each other out with the job of marketing.  Why? Well, imagine you have only 200 fans.  If you partner with four other artists who also have 200 fans each, all the acts acquire a potential audience of 1,000 people.   You could even give your alliance a name and it could form ‘angle’ which you could include include in all your future marketing materials.


If several acts help each other out with the job of marketing their music they increase the size of their potential audience.

It really does makes sense for similar acts to be grouped together.  Have you ever noticed how McDonalds and Burger King often have premises on the same street?  It’s because they mutually benefit from this close proximity.  Think about doing this yourself.  Go create your own “Musical Avengers” marketing supergroup!


Joining forces with others ultimate creates strength. It did for this lot anyway.

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