How to Craft a Killer YouTube Description

Videos are an essential part to your music marketing.  So is YouTube and so is the YouTube video description box.  Why?  Well, put simply the text content of the video description box can help sell your video to a potential viewer.  In addition, the description box content (along with titles, tags and captions) help rank your video in searches so a good description can help sell your video and therefore your music get discovered.  These tips come from a Reelseo website article.  I’ve chosen my favourites to pass onto you.

It’s All About The First Five Lines

Out of the first five lines of  text, the first two lines are VERY important as they show up next to the video when doing a YouTube search and are also displayed when posting a link on social media.


See how the first two lines of the video description show up in a search. Think about what information needs to go here for YOUR videos.

These lines are also automatically displayed without viewers having to click the ‘SHOW MORE’ tab on the video page so this is a ‘free’ message you can display to the viewer.


Here’s those first two lines again, fully visible without the need for extra ‘clicking’ by the viewer. Notice how the URLs have been ‘shortened’.

There’s two ways you can use these first two lines

  • Give a killer description of your video/song OR
  • Link back to your website or your email subscription service.

Include links to the rest of your online world

If a viewer clicks the ‘Show more’ tab then the rest of the description box info is displayed. Here you should include links to the rest of your online world. These links could be for your website or your socials or if you are posting a music video and want to generate links to download sales or Spotify streams you can include those links here.  Here’s Coldplay as an example again.


Here’s the full description box for Coldplay’s current single. Here they have chosen to include details for fans to purchase the album.

You’ve got 5000 words to play with

There’s still lots of other information you can include and all the information is Google indexed for search.  You can include

  • Lyrics.
  • Information about how the song was recorded (location, mics used, amps used etc).
  • Information about how the video was recorded.
  • Forthcoming gig/tour dates

You can read the article in full here

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